Chemistry Pressure law model

This model is based on the kinetic theory and can be used to explore the relationship between pressure and temperature of a gas at a constant volume. In the model below, the inital conditions are set to a temperature of OC (273 K), a volume of 22.4 dm3 and 1.0 mol of the gas argon, Ar. To work with the model:

  • choose new values of temperature from the drop down menu

  • press the update button to refresh the display

  • press initialise to restore the starting value of volume = 22.4 dm3

  • press clear to clear the display


The applet is based on the kinetic theory. Note that:

  • the gas consists of particles (atoms or molecules) in continuous random motion

  • the gas particles are point-like: they are infinitely small

  • the gas particles move in a straight line unless they have a collision

  • any attractive or repulsive forces between the particles are ignored unless the particles collide