Sketch and explain the general shapes of graphs showing pH against volume of titrant for titrations involving monoprotic acids and bases.

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Question 1

You can use the pH Curve Sketcher applet below to sketch the pH curves for a variety of acid/base titrations using your mouse. You can then compare your sketch with the true graph by running the applet program.


  • decide on the combination of acid and base for the curve that you will sketch.

  • a solution of 0.1 mol/L base (aq) is the titrant added from a burette. You can select from a range of bases.

  • 25 cm3 of a solution of 0.1 mol/L acid (aq) is the analyte in a flask below the burette. You can select from a range of acids.

  • sketch the curve on the graph grid by using your mouse: hold down your left mouse button, drag and release. A line can be drawn as shown below:

    sketch a graph using the mouse

    A maximum of 50 discrete lines are possible in the sketcher.

  • when you have made your sketch and have selected an acid/base combination, press run to compare.


Select an acid and select a base (note: default is strong acid/strong base) and then sketch your graph.

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